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Membership Plans

Our in-house dental membership plans can allow you to receive the care you need at a price you can afford, even without a traditional dental insurance plan.

Free Appointment Booking

At Vivid Dental we want to go further than just cleaning your teeth, we will get to know you, put your needs and concerns first, and work to make you feel like you are a part of our family, too.
Even without traditional dental insurance,
dental care can still be affordable!

Save Up to 60% on Dental Care

Our membership programs put you in charge of your complete dental care

Comprehensive Preventative Care

Every plan covers all preventative care for the year

No Waiting Periods

Once you sign-up your membership plan is ready to be used!

Insurance-Free Dental Care

No more insurance verifications or denials

5-Minute Registration

Sign-up takes about 5 minutes!

No Pre-Existing Condition Clauses

No Yearly Benefit Maximum

There is no fine-print to exclude you from getting the treatment you need

Achieve Your Very Best Smile

Additional discounts on procedures outside of your preventative care coverage including elective procedures.


Benefits exceed those provided by insurance companies for less cost to you

No Insurance Headaches Anymore!

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Membership Plan Details

Greensboro Membership Plan
Winston-Salem Membership Plan
High Point Membership Plan
Raleigh Membership Plan